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Leslie Alcock

The Auld Wives Lifts Antiquity Vol 51 (1977)


Andrew Bain

Education in Stirlingshire from the Reformation to the Act of 1872 (1965)


T Ratcliffe Barnett

Reminiscences of Old Scots Folk


R Belsches

General view of the agriculture of the County of Stirling (1796)New Series, Vol. 112, No. 5 (February 1980)


W D Bernard

The Tragedy of Barrie and Baird - Scots Magazine


Paul Bishop

The Water Mills of Baldernock Parish


Paul Bishop

Whin Millstones in Baldernock, Western Central Belt


May W Bowie

Whitefauld Farm and the Balmore Haughs (1985) (Glasgow School of Art dissertation — Unpublished)


W Bulloch

William Bulloch, born 1800 in Baldernock: his ancestors and descendants(1989)


Thomas Brown

Annals of the Disruption (1893)


John Cameron

The Parish of Campsie (1892)


Sir Henry Craik

A Century of Scottish History

Eleanor Duncanson

Robinsfield: The Bardowie Home of a Glasgow Boy (2022)

Held by Archives & Local Studies, William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch


Eleanor Duncanson

Bardowie And The ’45 (2022)

Held by Archives & Local Studies, William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch


Richard Feachem

Prehistoric Scotland


H G Graham

Social Life in Scotland in the 18th Century


F H Groome

Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland. New ed. Vol. 1 (nd)


Elizabeth Haldane

The Scotland of our Fathers


Audrey S Henshall

The Chambered Tombs of Scotland Vol 2 (1972)


James B Johnston

The Place Names of Stirlingshire 2nd edition (1904)


Marion Lochhead

The Scots Household in the 18th Century


Hugh Macdonald

Rambles round Glasgow (1854)


David MacGibbon & Thomas Ross

The castellated and domestic architecture of Scotland.Vol. 3 (1889)


Dorothy E McGuire

Agricultural improvement in Strathkelvin, 1700-1850 (1988)


J Harrison Maxwell

Milngavie in ancient days. Lecture to Milngavie Citizen‘s Association (1945)


Aileen Macintyre

Pedal This Way


F Marian McNeill

The Silver Bough


Graham Moffat

Join me in remembering (1955)


William Nimrno

The History of Stirlingshire 3rd edition Vol 2 (1880)


R C Rennie

The County of Stirling (1966) (Third Statistical Account of Scotland)


Hew Scott

Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae. New ed. Vol. 3 (1920)


Sir John Sinclair

The statistical account of Scotland. Vol. 15 (1795)


Brian S Skillen

The mines and minerals of Campsie (1985)


Calum A Smith

Baldernock burial ground database (1989)


Jean Stewart

Profile of a parish (1974)


John Thomas

Forgotten railways: Scotland (1976)


D Gordon Tucker

Millstone making in Scotland’, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland,vol.. 114 (1984)


Ann E Whetstone

Scottish county government in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (1981)


Eric S Wood

Collins Field Guide to Archeology in Britain by


Baldernock: Recollections of a Rural School 1873 - 1999


The Imperial Gazeteer of Scotland

Kirkintilloch Herald files, at the William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch (especially a series of articles relating to the Baldernock area, published during 1929)


Link Magazine (Baldernock Parish Church)


Memoir of John Winning (1830)


Yew statistical account of Scotland. Vol. 8 (1845)


Old country houses of the old Glasgow gentry. 2nd. ed. (1878)


Reply to the misstatements of Dr Hamilton of Bardowie (1828)


Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. Stirlingshire. 2 vols (1963)


The Statistical Account of Scotland (1, 11, III)


The Antonine Wall by Glasgow Archaeological Society


Sale by Auction - The Noted Residential and Agricultural Estate of Bardowie 528 acres in Lots Thursday 22 November 1951


The Archaeological Sites and Monuments of Cumbernauld and Kilsyth District and Strathkelvin District


Ultrameta, A Fractal Novel by Douglas Thompson 


James Crawford

Old Mugdock, Balmore, Baldernock and Bardowie


T C F Brotchie

Some Sylvan Scenes near Glasgow

Recollections of a Rural School - Baldernock (PDF)


Profile of a Parish (PDF)

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