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Baldernock’s Community Fibre Partnership: what it means for you and what you need to do to benefit.

What it means for you

At the moment a small number of Baldernock residents and businesses can access gigabit-capable (‘ultrafast’) FTTP or ‘full fibre broadband’. Our Community Fibre Partnership (CFP) with Openreach will make FTTP available to every part of our community. From Langbank to Barraston, Balmore and Bardowie to Craigmaddie, and everywhere in between, every premises will be able to obtain a gigabit-capable connection providing the internet speeds families need now and into the future.

Rural communities such as ours have found that different people have been drawn to different benefits of FTTP. Some households can benefit now from the higher speeds that are needed for a whole family to work, learn or play online. Others are attracted to the future-proofing aspect of FTTP, where speeds can be increased over time to fit demand. Many also see FTTP as a home  improvement that adds value to a home and makes it more saleable now and in the future.

Here are some of the benefits of FTTP:

  • Ultrafast FTTP broadband supports the use of a rapidly-increasing number of devices in the home (including smart TVs, mobile phones, media players and tablets).

  • Ultrafast FTTP broadband is needed for bandwidth-intensive services such as streamed TV and video services offering the best picture and sound quality, including Ultra HD programmes.

  • Ultrafast FTTP broadband provides substantially improved performance for delay- sensitive services, such as Zoom and Skype, and online gaming, and a more responsive experience for many applications.

  • Ultrafast FTTP broadband offers much faster upload speeds than standard fibre broadband, better for online back-up and file sharing which are often essential for working and learning at home.

  • Ultrafast FTTP broadband is more reliable than standard fibre broadband, suffering from fewer faults due to the use of fibre-optic cables all the way from the exchange to individual households and businesses.

  • Ultrafast FTTP broadband could increase the value of your house, and not having it could make your house difficult to sell in future. Nowadays, many of those looking to move house regard the availability of high-speed broadband to be essential.

What you need to do to benefit

If your Baldernock home or business cannot currently access FTTP then it will be included in Baldernock’s CFP. Please watch out for information about the CFP from Baldernock Community Council and from Openreach. Openreach will seek government approval for the project and vouchers from the UK and Scottish Governments should cover the full cost of the community contribution. At some point you will be asked to visit a dedicated web page and ‘pledge’ your voucher – Openreach will  do the rest. For now, please talk to your neighbours about Baldernock’s CFP and spread the word in your part of Baldernock. The faster everyone gets to hear about this, and the faster everyone  pledges their voucher when the time comes, the faster our community will get the ultrafast speeds that the network upgrade will provide and that we will all need in the future.

You may be one of the few lucky ones in Baldernock who can already access FTTP. To do that, you need only contact an internet service provider (BT, TalkTalk, etc) and ask for an ultrafast service. If you use the availability checker on the Openreach website, you will see that ultrafast is available to you and a list of providers to choose from:

If you have any questions, please contact Baldernock Community Council (

or Baldernock Community Development Trust (