More areas in Baldernock are now able to receive Superfast Broadband with the option of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).  The best source of information for the rollout of superfast broadband is the Digital Scotland website:  A number of premises in Baldernock are still unable to access superfast broadband, much to the frustration of those residents and the potential detriment of businesses they are trying to run from home at this time. 

The R100 project has been established as a follow-on contract to help upgrade around 180,000 premises across all parts of Scotland that are still stuck on slower broadband services as a result of being missed by the original £442m Digital Scotland (DSSB) project with BT (Openreach) which ended in March 2020.

Overall this represents around 5% of homes and businesses in Scotland who cannot yet access 30Mbps+.  In October 2019 it was announced that BT had won the contract for LOT 2 (Central Scotland) which should include these Baldernock dwellings, but to date we have been unable to find out whether that is certainly the case.

We hope that anyone residing in Baldernock without access to superfast broadband will contact the R100 project ( to ask when they will be provided with FTTP or other technology to allow them to access the kinds of broadband speeds that 95% of homes and businesses in Scotland now take for granted. 

It may be useful to copy to our local councillors, MSPs and MP, in an effort to expedite the provision of this essential service to all parts of our community. In the current lockdown situation, when more are trying to work from home, to obtain information and to maintain social contact via the internet, the lack of suitable provision is being felt even more acutely than usual. 

We understand that BT Openreach engineers are still working outdoors at this time, and traffic on our country roads is very much lighter than usual, so this might be the ideal opportunity to install FTTP to the Baldernock dwellings that need and do not yet have it.

If you are one of the homes or businesses in Baldernock, not able to receive high speed broadband, please let us know and we'll keep you informed of any progress updates we receive.




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