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Broadband update April 2022

Baldernock’s Community Fibre Partnership: what it means for residents of Baldernock and beyond and what you need to do to benefit.

​The story so far…

At the moment only a small number of Baldernock residents and businesses can access gigabit-capable (‘ultrafast’) FTTP or ‘full fibre broadband’ and many in the community have extremely poor broadband provision.  For that reason, Baldernock initiated a Community Fibre Partnership (CFP) with Openreach to make FTTP available to almost every part of Baldernock as well as to many in neighbouring communities who share parts of their network, especially our neighbours in Torrance.  If the project is able to proceed to completion, every home and business included in the project – detailed and listed here – will be able to connect to the new network and obtain all the benefits of FTTP broadband (see below).  

Early in 2022 all eligible addresses included the offer were invited to pledge their government vouchers to cover the community contribution, using a dedicated Openreach portal for pledging at  Openreach has confirmed that their pledge target has been met which means the project to bring FTTP to all properties in the CFP can proceed to the next stage! (The portal remains open for now so it’s not too late to pledge if you haven’t already.) 

What happens next:

According to Openreach, now that the pledging threshold has been met, build planning is underway and indicative timelines should be known by end April. At that time, all those who pledged via the portal will receive emails inviting them to validate their vouchers so please look out for these. 

The benefits of FTTP

Rural communities such as ours have found a range of benefits of FTTP. Some households need the higher speeds that allow a whole family to work, learn or play online. Others are attracted to the future-proofing aspect of FTTP, where speeds can be increased over time to fit demand. Many also see FTTP as a home improvement that adds value to a home and makes it more saleable now and in the future. Reported benefits of FTTP broadband include that it: 

  • is more reliable than standard fibre broadband, suffering from fewer faults, due to the use of fibre-optic cables all the way from the exchange to individual households and businesses

  • supports the use of a rapidly-increasing number of devices in the home including smart TVs, mobile phones, media players and tablets

  • is needed for bandwidth-intensive services such as streamed TV and video services offering the best picture and sound quality, including Ultra HD programmes

  • provides substantially improved performance for delay-sensitive services, such as Zoom and Skype, and online gaming, and a more responsive experience for many applications

  • offers much faster upload speeds than standard fibre broadband, better for online back-up and file sharing which are often essential for working and learning at home

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the Community Fibre Partnership, please contact Baldernock Community Council ( or The Baldernock Trust (, or contact local resident Lesley Wiseman who is the communities’ primary contact with Openreach. You can call her on 07810698678 or email her at