Community Council

There are currently 12 community councils in East Dunbartonshire. Community council elections are usually held in the autumn of the same year as local councillor elections, every four or five years.

Baldernock Community Council comprises:

  • Chairperson - David Wooton

  • Secretary - Celia Burns

  • Treasurer - David Whitehall

Committee members:

  • Fiona Grier

  • Elspeth Fulton

    Co-opted members:

    • Niall Logan

    • Fiona Howie

    • Penny McElhinny

    If you are interested in joining the Community Council, please get in touch.


    Baldernock Community Council meetings are held on the second Monday of alternate months 7.30pm.

    All Community Council meetings held in the Church Hall, Glenorchard Road Balmore G64 4AJ

    Topics on the agenda may include:

    but any community issue can be brought up and one or more of our councillors from East Dunbartonshire are usually in attendance. 

    Minutes of meetings.

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    What we do

    We work to look after and help improve Baldernock, discuss issues of concern to the community.
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    East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) and other bodies consult with Baldernock Community Council on issues affecting the community. These issues depend to a large extent on what is important to each community, however, local authorities are required to consult Community Councils on planning applications and many choose to involve them in the Community Planning process.

    Planning advice and the adopted Local Plan for this area can be found on the East Dunbartonshire Council website along with a search facility for all recent planning applications.  You can also check for information on grants for conservation areas when available.

    East Dunbartonshire Local Plan

    East Dunbartonshire Proposed Local Development Plan

    Search planning applications

    Baldernock Conservation Survey

    East Dunbartonshire Council Survey of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes

    Police matters

    The speed of traffic in Baldernock is of great concern.  A community police officer from East Dunbartonshire Police is usually in attendance at our meetings to report on recent crime.

    Many matters are discussed including illicit dumping of rubbish.

    Twitter Bardowie Roads action Group @BardowieRoads


    The state of our roads and footpaths is always high on the agenda at Community Council meetings.  

    Report a road or lighting fault to East Dunbartonshire Council

    Road or lighting fault

    or contact East Dunbartonshire Council 

    tel: 0300 123 4510
    email: Roads Services

    Remember to let the Community Council know of any roads problems

    Spring Clean

    The Community Council organises an annual Spring Clean, usually in March or April, with help from East Dunbartonshire Council to collect the many bags of rubbish filled by helpers around the parish. 


    Other projects

    Baldernock Community Council also oversees other community projects such as:


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